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Traveler on The Path

Have you submitted yourself,

          O traveler on the path?

If not, then look at what you’ve done

          to be so depressed.

Are you still asking, how and why

          in your mind?

Then you have taken back the head

          you claimed to submit.

Does “I” and “you” still have meaning

          for you?

Then you are still alive and never died

          to yourself.

Do you still do whatever

          you want?

Then you have not cleansed your soul

          of the ego’s desire.

Are you still after fame, fortune

          and position?

Then you have not given up

          both worlds.

Is your self-existence still blocking

          your path?

Then you have given your pledge of love


O Nurbakhsh, these travelers

          who are around you

have not become Sufis, but you indulge them

          and count them as such.

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