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The Endearing and Loving Companion

I know that playful coquettish friend,

          it is You.

I know that agreeable loving companion,

          it is You.

The twists and turns of the created world

          are but a fable.

I know the narrator of that tale,

          it is You. 

The entire universe is dancing

          to one tune.

I know the composer of that song,

          it is You.

The whole world is perplexed by existence

          and its secret.

I know the source of that mystery,

          it is You.

Everyone is enchanted by the bewitching eyes

          of a sorcerer.

I know the possessor of those beguiling eyes,

          it is You.

In the cradle of existence, from pre- to post-eternity

          is but a moment.

I know that beginning and that end,

          it is You.

I am that featherless, wingless bird

          captured by a hawk.

I know that swift-winged raptor,

          it is You.

From one flirtatious glance, Nurbakhsh became

          your lover and gave up both worlds.

I know the source of that look,

          it is You.

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