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There Is Nothing but God

There is no one in this world

          other than God.

Do not seek help

          from anyone else.

The whole creation is in need

          of Him;

no one else

          is eternal.

Grab God’s garment and ignore

          everything else

so you may receive guidance

          from His grace.

Love is vital to reach the abode

          of the Friend,

for not everyone is worthy

          of this.

You need love to be lost

          in God

and liberated from good and evil,

          right and wrong.

And love will take you away from yourself

          and turn you into Him,

without the aid of talent,

          knowledge and wisdom.

He will take “I” and “we” away

          from your heart

so that the Truth will then bestow light upon it,

          and you’ll become the Truth’s confidant.

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