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If you haven’t pledged your heart

          to the love of a radiant beauty

consider your life

          a total waste.

The key to eternal life lies

          in the palm of love’s hand;

without a discerning beloved,

          one is in reality dead.

If you don’t throw your entire being

          before the feet of an idol,

you won’t make a profit or grasp

          the treasure of eternal life.

If you do not plant the seed

          of loving-kindness in your heart,

you will never eat any fruit

          from the garden of happiness.

Without love, you have no clue

          about the reason for existence;

without the Beloved, what do you know

          of your purpose in this life?

Not until you become ensnared

          in love’s trap will you be free;

trapped in yourself, you remain

          depressed, cold-hearted and miserable.

O my soul, if light is bestowed

          upon your abode,

it is because your heart is bound in love

          to the Beloved.

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