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Whoever opens his eyes to You

          loses his blindness.

Whoever finds a place near You

          becomes placeless.

Your face can be seen through

          Your eyes only.

How can anyone observe you

          with his own?

O You, source of desire,

          You are free from all.

What else in all the world

          can anyone yearn for?

Since in love’s venture the seller

          is also the buyer,

what use is there in


We are the veil covering

          Your face;

You are not hidden and so

          do not need to be found.

Let anyone reveal love’s secrets,

          for in Your presence

there is neither confidant

          nor stranger.

O Nurbakhsh, I have taken the blame

          for His sake all my life;

now there is no reason for anyone

          to wish to disgrace me.

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