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What do you know of the stricken heart’s burning

          and how it feels?

Though you’ve heard about God,

          what do you know of Him?

We’ve never revealed our thoughts

          to you.

When you don’t know our secret,

          what can you know of us? 

You have not taken one step on the path

          of love and purity.

What can you know of the station of baqa

          when you have not reached fana

Drunk with “we” and “you,” how can you

          gain any news of Him?

What can you know of fidelity

          when you flee harshness?

You have not given up your mind and soul

          to a beloved,

so what can you know about the lover’s

          helpless state?

You delude yourself that you’re traveling

          the way to God,

but what do you know of this

          endless path? 

You’re but a child riding your skirt like

          a make-believe horse.

What do you know of the path,

          the wayfarer and the guide?

Though you may have caught a few words

          from Nurbakhsh,

what do you know of the pain and burning

          of the love-struck heart?

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