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To Whom Are You Praying?

No matter how much I plead with You,

          still You remain aloof.

O my great fortune,

          why do You prolong this tale?

You have set out on a journey —

          I have no complaint.

You are a flash of the Truth;

          You abandon illusion.

The place of the manifestation of Your truth

          is nowhere but in our unreal world.

If we do not put up with Your coyness,

          with whom then will You flirt?

I exclaimed, “O hope of hearts,

          I will give up my soul on Your path.”

He answered, “This pleading of yours

          is worth nothing to Me.”

I said to Him, “From Your amorous gesture

          a world was thrown into temptation.”

He replied, “Be silent! You are revealing

          the secret to the whole world.”

O hypocritical, blathering mullah,

          stop your sarcasm about my unbelief

or I’ll reveal to whom

          you are really praying!

The Beloved is in your house —

          what excuse do you have

for turning away from our Bestower of light

          to face Mecca instead?

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