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Blood rains from my eyes

          for neither tears nor sighs remain.

How strange that for me everything has come to depend

          upon a smile, a glance.

These crude imaginings, these incessant thoughts —

          all were traps.

Gone now, they did not lead

          to inner awakening.

To whom can I speak of this misconception?

          It is a serious mistake

to believe that the nightingale’s cry

          is from desire for the face of the rose.

He who opens his mouth and declares,

          “I am a lover”

is not sincere in love

          and will never reach the goal.

Disregard the physical form!

          Barter away heart and religion!

Choose instead a beautiful idol

          of perfect royal splendor.

Sit with tight lips and

          keep silent!

Put aside intellect, judgment and awareness;

          do not seek a path!

If He should give you good news

          that you have arrived at some destination,

disregard it!

          Have no hope of it!

By relying in this way

          on the help of love and drunkenness,

at every moment — not just now and then —

          you will become free of self-worship.

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