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Let go of yourself in the Sufis’ sama;

abandon every thought and venture.

Clear from your head all perception of self;

put in shackles all desire, shrewdness and cleverness.

This is the retreat of love, don’t ever forget!

Make yourself crazy! Don’t remain sane!

The Sufis’ uproar burns away self-existence;

their fervor, ecstasy and rapture ignite the heart.

Pass beyond consciousness of self so that you may see God;

open the heart’s eye so that you may see purity!

Here is the feast of those drunk with God;

here is the assembly of peace and fidelity.

Let out a drunken roar without sense of self;

give up your heart, spirit and head in the Beloved’s sanctuary.

Offer your heart in the marketplace of love —

God is the buyer of love here.

Keep knocking on the door until you hear a response;

shout until you find the door open!

This is the feast of sama and the gathering of the rendan.

If your goal is to see God, here is your opportunity.

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