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Your heart’s desire is not a worthy master;

the core of your heart is not that deep.

What could your heart want when it has nothing,

lacking discernment of the outer and the inner dimensions?

What is your heart that it should assert its self-existence,

worshiping itself through its thoughts?

A mere bubble on water, what of its psyche?

What can it accomplish, and what of its strength?

Your heart is like a wave in the sea of existence;

it rises and falls through the motion of the sea.

How can the wave know anything of the sea?

Its vision is so limited that it can’t tell up from down. 

It eventually lays its head in the bosom of the sea

as if it never existed at all.

Before it has a chance to lift up its head

another wave comes crashing towards it.

This clashing of waves gives rise to “we” and “you,”

each wave now attracted to this, now running away from that.

It fosters this imagination in its mind

until it is consumed by the sea.

What a sea, what a deep and vast sea!

No one knows it or can describe it. 

What strength, what power, what meaning, what wisdom!

What beginning, what end, what cause, what effect! 

Except silence you have no answer

with which to veil your ignorance. 

Wave, give up this self-centeredness

and like us dip your head in Unity’s sea.

Abandon your combative, vengeful disposition,

your jealousy, crookedness and destructive temper.

Learn love, loyalty, and purity;

gladden for a moment a poor heart. 

Practice loving-kindness, for that way,

once you are free from consciousness of self, you will be able to see God.

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