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Ode to the Cupbearer (1)

Give me the wine, cupbearer, that burns my soul, 

that burns away all worries about this and that.

Give me a fire that melts me down, 

then evaporates the water and annihilates my existence. 

Give me a wine that makes me lost from myself, 

that I might shatter the jug and submerge myself in the vat.

Give me a wine that sets my soul ablaze, 

that burns away my heart and soul as well as all thought. 

Give me a wine that makes me drunk, 

that sets me free from the darkness of self-existence.

Give me a wine that drives me mad, 

that turns me into a stranger to all creation. 

Give me a wine that relieves me of self,

that I might dwell safely in a corner of the tavern.

Let the tavern of Unity become my home, 

so that my heart desires and beholds nothing but God. 

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