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Ode to the Cupbearer (2)

O cupbearer, bring me a goblet of wine,

for I have fallen far from wisdom’s way!

I am bewildered, restless, wandering;

I am a hung-over drunk at your feet.

My heart has neither patience nor rest;

I have no strength to escape or flee.

The companions have gone; I have fallen behind.

Give me wine for I am weary of both body and soul.

Give me wine that sets fire to the soul

and drives from the mind the thought of this and that;

Wine that burns away my whole being

and frees me from worries about everything;

Wine that makes me forget

and separates me from my self;

Wine that melts away my being

and takes me in drunkenness far from self;

Wine that carries me towards fana,

that takes me on the path that God desires;

Wine that polishes the heart of its sorrow

and liberates me from thoughts of having more or less;

Wine that makes me weep tears like the candle,

that burns me so fully that, like the candle, I will not rise again;

Wine that prevents my heart from crying out,

that makes me burn like the moth and be silent;

Wine that takes me from my self

so that I will be accepted by the Beloved;

Wine that eases all my difficulty

and liberates me from the bonds of physical existence;

Wine that Your rendan drink,

that keeps them intoxicated and bewildered by you;

Wine that nourishes the elect

and increases sincerity every moment.

Through philosophy, the mystery of the universe was never revealed,

nor has anyone ever found the secret of this bowl of dust.

For the intellect’s currency we found to be of no use;

may wine then cure our pain!

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